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Chapter 3: Asset Management Ratios A second group of detail ratios is asset management ratios. Asset management ratios measure the ability of assets to generate revenues or earnings. They also compliment our liquidity ratios. We looked at one asset management ratio already; namely Total Asset Turnover when we analyzed Return on Equity. 3. Asset management ratios Asset management ratios are used to measure how effectively a firm manages its assets, by relating the amount a firm has invested in a partialar type of asset or group of assets tothe amount of revenues the asset is generating.

Asset Management Ratios. Inventory Turnover Ratio. Inventory turnover is a measure of the number of times inventory is sold or used in a time period, such as a year. Fixed-asset turnover is the ratio of sales on the profit and loss account to the value of fixed assets on the balance sheet. TYPES OF FINANCIAL RATIOS. Liquidity ratios 2. Asset Management ratios 3. Leverage ratios 4. Profitability ratios 5. Valuation ratios Liquidity ratios Liquidity ratios asses the firm`s ability to meet its short- term obligations using short-term assets. The short-term obligations are the ones recorded under current liabilities that come. 1. liquidity ratios 2. asset management ratios 3. leverage and coverage ratios 4. profitability ratios 5. other ratios. Financial ratios can be classified into ratios that measure: 1 profitability, 2 liquidity, 3 management efficiency, 4 leverage, and 5 valuation & growth. List of Financial Ratios. Here is a list of various financial ratios. Acid Test Ratio = Quick Assets ÷ Current Liabilities.

Internal users: Management team, employees,. The debt ratio Debt to Asset Ratio The debt to asset ratio, also known as the debt ratio, is a leverage ratio that indicates the percentage of assets that are being financed with debt. The higher the debt to assets ratio, the greater the degree of. 4 Main Types of Financial Ratios Financial Management. Article shared by:. ROA ratio illustrates how well management is employing the company’s total assets to make a profit. The higher the return, the more efficient management is in utilizing its asset base. The ROA ratio is calculated by comparing net income to average total assets. Definition. Asset turnover total asset turnover is a financial ratio that measures the efficiency of a company's use of its assets to product sales. It is a measure of how efficiently management is using the assets at its disposal to promote sales. The ratio helps to measure the productivity of a company's assets. Ratios and other performance indicators are often found using formulas or formulae. Accountancy has a lot of ratios, but if you want to use the information you need to go beyond learning how to calculate ratios. Management accountants focus on the ratios that apply to the running of the business. They need to understand how [].

2.อัตราส่วนวัดความสามารถในการบริหารสินทรัพย์ Asset Management Ratios 3.อัตราส่วนวัดความสามารถในการบริหารหนี้สิน Debt Management Ratios.

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