Alien Head Vodka -

Outerspace Vodka Chrome - Master of Malt.

A new adult beverage called “Outer Space Vodka” is vodka that has been filtered through actual meteorites five times and then bottled in a glass alien head. The vodka itself hails from Iowa. It's a very shiny bottle of Outerspace Vodka, shaped like an alien head. The vodka itself is made from French wheat and distilled five times to achieve its soft flavour profile. And just in case you forgot, it's presented in a chrome alien head. Outer Space Vodka Alien Head Green Glass Bottle custom made nightlight. This light measures 5" high and 2" wide at it's thickest part. The light will come on automatically when the room goes dark. All lights come with an extension that also lights up a small amount, it helps in keeping the nightlight in the electrical socket if needed.

May 02, 2016 · Outer Space Alien Head Vodka. 👽 - UFOs & Aliens - It is common that many people like many things to see the outer side and Alien head bottle of OUTER SPACE -VODKA- are such type of thing. This Vodka Is Filtered Through 4 Billion Years Old Meteorites And Comes In An Alien Head Bottle If you like good booze that comes in sweet packages, you should check this out. Outerspace Chrome is an ultra-premium vodka derived from hand-selected French wheat and five times distilled. Everyone's favourite alien now comes in an insane chrome finish with cork closure and hang tags. Outerspace vodka is characterized by its unparalleled smoothness and flawless perfection. Nov 13, 2015 · The Alien head glass bottle that contains vodka that apparently has been filtered thru 4 billion yr old meteorites. Yes, That’s right, this alien-shaped vodka bottle is not just purely some cheesy gimmick, although it is still kind of gimmicky though. United States- Distilled from corn, this vodka is gluten free and very refreshing when served ice cold. Five times distilled and filtered through meteorites, not just the bottle is unique for this vodka!

Nov 13, 2015 · A Review of Outer Space Vodka Written by Steph Lippitt It’s not often that you walk into your local liquor store for a typical pick-up only to be greeted by a pop-up shelf of small, green, glass alien heads that stick out among the standard miniatures like a radioactive Mexican Conure in a. Crystal Head is a resoundingly Pure Spirit. It’s not what we add to our vodka that makes us unique, it's what we don't add. Unlike many other premium vodkas, Crystal Head does not contain any glycol, citrus oils or raw sugars. Our unparalleled smoothness is achieved naturally. In a twist on the trend in the spirits market to create eye-catching bottles in the shape of heads or skulls, Outerspace Vodka gets its packaging inspiration from another, more extra-terrestrial source. Green coating and aluminum black eyes make this bottle of clear vodka look.

A Review of Outer Space Vodka – Steph du jour.

Alien Head 'Outer Space Vodka'. What Is It And Where To.

Outer Space vodka isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd. Distilled form corn, this vodka is gluten free and amazingly refreshing when served ice cold. Filtered through meteorites dating back 4 billion years, we can’t get enough of this otherworldly goodness. Do yourself a favor, and take a trip to Outer Space. Set your store. To view pricing and availability. What is Vodka? The original product called Vodka is first recorded back in the middle of the fifteenth century. This was a popular substance in Poland and Russia as a medicine and cosmetic. These days, Vodka is an alcoholic drink that people around the world enjoy.

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