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Buzzfeed quiz where to live


Just because you were born somewhere doesn't mean you belong there. I'd rather live in the hustle and bustle than somewhere that is too quiet. I simultaneously I want to live in a place where everyone isn't like me. Because there's probably somewhere else you've always wanted to live.

Travel. Build A House And We'll Tell You What State You Actually Belong In. Which state should you call home? Posted on June 11, Log Out. News Videos Quizzes Tasty As/Is · Gift Guide What U.S. City Should You Actually Live In? Start packing your bags! Posted on June. From quiz to shining quiz. What State Do You Actually Belong In? From quiz to shining quiz. Posted on February 13, , at a.m.. Tanner Greenring.

By Dave Stopera (BuzzFeed Staff) Tanner Greenring (BuzzFeed Staff) Rega Jha (BuzzFeed Contributor) Conz Preti (BuzzFeed Regional. Quiz proven to be 98% more accurate than MASH. This Test Will Reveal Where You Should Live And What Career You Should Have. Quiz. Log Out. News Videos Quizzes Tasty As/Is · Gift Guide Which Country Should You Really Live In? Pack your bags! Posted on September 2.