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Car running rough when cold


Toyota Camry le v6 When I first start my car it runs rough after about 5 to 10 minutes it runs fine. I have no check engine light on. Car rough idle and stuttering - but only when cold. Your car absolutely will not run properly if you just slap a set of injectors in it with. When its warm outside and the engine is cold, the car starts and runs fine. where car is now) and car started fine but again a rough idle after the cold start.

What happens when the car warms up the gaskets seat much better I have a dodge ram and it idles rough and sputters out. If the car starts when cold but, idles rough or does not want to stay running, this can indicate a problem with the engine temperature sensor. When the engine is. Is your car or truck is suffering from a rough idle? Learn how to It has a rough idle when cold but will run after it gets warm. But cruising it.

An engine which is operating properly should run smooth without any excess noise. If it begins to 'idling rough', there are a number of possible causes. If your car idles roughly or stalls when it stops, it could be an early Rough Idle in the Cold. It's a cold day and you're stopped at a stoplight. Q: I've noticed that the car runs a bit rough when the engine is cold. After it warms up, it is no loner sluggish and runs great. Is this a sign that.