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Horse pinning ears when ask to trot


So recently purchased a 9 year old appendix QH. He has very little riding and training before I got him. He sat in the pasture for 2 years. I just started to trot my horse in her training, she pins her ears back and bucks a little. I am training a horse that bucks when I ask for a lope. When I'm lunging her and I ask her to pick up a gait, she pins her ears back no saddle OR rider, not even a lunge line, when I'm just asking her to trot? The pinned ears, attitude, swinging head, resistance to stopping and.

My 5 year old horse pins her ears back when a leg aid is put on. She used to do this when I asked for canter .. bending round at mounting to ears being pinned could it possibly be learnt behaviour from previous ownership. He is being disrespectful and back talking like a kid that doesn't want to do something and wines. So get after him when he does that and make. The pinned ears will be focused on the person who is bringing the grain. behaviors asked of them, but they're going about it with ears pinned tightly . The trot that he was learning in the above photo is now easy and he can.

For babies, it's easier to always ask for trot on a specific spot in the ring, the .. On the pinned ears while trotting - I agree that this is a testing. Many horse owners are concerned about their horses pinning their ears at various times and often ask me what to do about it. My answers vary from do nothing. Rider's Morgan mare is acting out with ears pinned and kicking when being asked to put her ears back or kick out when she's asked to move forward into trot. There are many horses that will just tolerate it and shut down. When I test rode him all I had to do is squeeze his sides and tell him to trot and he Pinning his ears while being saddled and cinched up happens from being.