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How to age deer meat in refrigerator


Next comes dry aging, simply hanging the venison in the proper temperature range, be that outdoors, in a meat locker or inside a spare refrigerator. The final. Check the meat every few days and rotate to make sure each piece it getting adequate air flow. If aging meat in your primary refrigerator, be wary of off odors that. But, you can dry-age a steak, be it venison or beef, in your fridge, in just a few days' time. The process works great on previously frozen meat.

If you don't have a cool basement or walk-in cooler to age your meat, you can home-age your venison in the refrigerator. Skin the quarters and. How to age and process venison, plus meat coolers for sale. Instructional videos included!. Letting meat age breaks down the connective tissues naturally fridge or a particularly understanding spouse, dry-aging via the refrigerator is.

Keeping deer meat on ice in a cooler for a few days while it "bleeds out" is such a pain to me. I have a refrigerator in the garage, could I put the. Dry aging venison does tend to dry the outer layer of meat, especially if you age Dry aging can be done in a walk-in cooler, a spare refrigerator, outdoors or in.