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How to disable tap to click


The tap-to-click function allows you to tap your Synaptics touchpad as a In case you wish to disable the function, clear the Enable tapping. I recently updated/upgraded my Windows 8 laptop to Windows 10 operating system. I would like to know how to disable the tap-to-click touch-pad feature in Windows After playing with the settings on Windows 10, I have located the setting to turn off the tap-to-click setting. I have a Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS laptop that I have recently installed Windows 8 on. Ever since I have done so, my tap to click function on.

Can't find out how to disable TAP TO CLICK FUNCTION. Jump to solution. Hello all (mods, Dell staff and what have you) I've used custom PCs. I was having difficulty with this on Windows 7. I wanted to turn off the tap-to-click feature of the touchpad without having to disable the whole. Make sure your touch pad is highlighted and click the Settings button Interestingly, if you disable the touchstyk buttons, the tap-to-clik on the.

I would like to disable tap to click on the touchpad. I always use the click on the bottom of the touchpad and the tap to click just leads to a bunch. Has anyone found a way to disable the annoying tap-to-click on touchpads in Windows 7's generic mouse driver? Although people have been. Anyway when I got this laptop midmayish I found a way to turn off the tap to click function by disabling the setting somewhere in the control.