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How to get yellow off nails


If you're feeling the frustration of having yellow nails, you'll want to check out these Make sure not to scrub away too much, as you want your nails to stay as . Confessions of a nail polish addict: When I take off my beloved OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, my nails are a hot stained mess. Acetone remover. Remove nail polish. Use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to take off any nail polish currently on your nails. Simply rub each nail with the cotton ball.

Real talk: There are few things I despise more than taking off my nail polish ( aside from, like, economic strife, global poverty, etc.). Because no. When combined with 3% hydrogen peroxide, baking soda can slough off the topmost yellow layer of your stained nails. Hydrogen peroxide. Learn the causes of yellow nails, how you can get rid of yellow nails, and how to to your nails, leave it for five minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water.

When nails become discolored, it usually means you've picked up an infection or nail fungus. Learn about treatments and causes for yellow nails. lightens the coloring, similar to the way that bleach strips the color out of hair. nail. How to get rid of yellow stains on your gel manicure ; can just take the top coat off and apply a fresh coat leaving your gel nails intact.