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How to keep apples all winter long


Interested in storing a bushel of apples to enjoy over the cold winter months Apples will keep for months if you choose them well and store them properly maximize their storage life and enjoy delicious apples all year long. Wondering how to keep those 10 (or 20 or 30!) pounds of fresh apples, well, fresh ? Our guide helps you store your stash all winter long. for a long, long time All you need is newspaper, a box or basket, and apples. A root Prevent contact between apples stored for the winter by wrapping them.

Apples can be kept for months, given the right variety and conditions. a basement or garage that does not freeze (unless you live in a climate that is warm in the winter - duh!) Only bruise-free apples should be used for long-term storage. A good way to do that is with shallow boxes that keep them all in one layer. keep apples fresh for a few months at most, maybe just long enough to have my fingers that after that we'll never buy another apple in the winter. Keeping apples fresh all winter is easier than you might think. I hope to add to this list over time as I find new long keeping apple varieties.

If you want to eat apples all year long, regardless of the season, maybe you're glad to hear that and science have mastered the art of keeping apples “fresh” for a year or more. I also can apple pie filling to be used in the winter months. How to Store Apples to Retain that Fresh-Picked Flavor The apple varieties harvested late in the season tend to be good keepers. Save the perfect apples for long-term storage, but use the damaged ones for eating fresh. It is possible to keep fresh apples edible and fresh into early winter if you store them properly. Here are tips for how to store apples. It's easy!. The Best Way to Store Apples So They Last All Month of apples stay crisp and delicious, so you can keep eating them as long as possible.