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How to make blogger header centered


But it would look a lot better if it were centered on top of my blog! So here are a couple of quick steps to make that happen!. Sometimes all you want is a quick fix. You've uploaded your Blogger header on the Layout page but it's aligned to the left. You want it centered horizontally over. However, Blogger by default aligns images uploaded to Header image left. a more professional look to your blog & it's actually very easy to achieve. Tags: center header on blogger, header, header center blogger, header.

Blogspot aligns the header in your business blog to the left by default. Many Blogspot themes stretch header images across your blog's whole width, so this. header banner for your Blogger blog, you can still make the title and title and description should now be at the center of your blog header. This will centre-align the contents (not title) of the specific gadget that you add. Note the Option 3 - Make a new style rule just for the gadget.

If you want to center your header image, use the code below instead . My blog is at and I am trying to make the header. Here is a quick tutorial on how to center header image in blogger. You can also centre your blogs header by making it a block element with a.