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How to make worm farm box


The principle of the stacked bin worm composter is that, unlike the drab earthworms, who dig deep, our red compost worms always migrate upwards, towards the food, leaving their castings to fall below them. Worm castings (the compost) are collected in the lower bins and worm food. Farm. Food. Life. He produces 35, pounds a month at Sonoma Valley Worm Farm. The box you use needs to be at least 12” deep. How to Make Backyard and Basement Worm Farms. This article is aimed at those who are serious about using the backyard or basement area of their home to.

Below are instructions on how to build one kind of worm composting bin allow excess liquid to drain out of the box so the worms don't drown. Styrofoam is one of those things that lasts almost forever in landfill, so reusing Styrofoam boxes for your worm farm puts them to good use. The Styrofoam is also. A worm farm is a great way for kids to learn how to take care of the environment. Read on to find out how to make one, plus lots of worm facts for kids!.

Jerry's making a cheap worm from recycled materials - old styrofoam fruit boxes. He likes using styrofoam as it's non-toxic and a good insulator. A DIY worm farm made from polystyrene is a recycled and cost effective solution. It's free and puts an eco-unfriendly product into good use.