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How to pop your hymen yahoo


Yes. A lot of girls break their hymen doing physical activity like gymnastics, etc. It's possible that you did, especially if you saw blood. It's not. I couldnt tell that I had broken my hymen. It didnt really hurt me I know HOW to break a hymen, with fingers, through sprorts, tampons, etc., etc. Fourteen years old is absolutely too young to have sex. You aren't even familiar with your own anatomy. Common sense would dictate that if.

Your hymen is not something you can break, it stays with you your entire life. There is nothing to "pop". The hymen is an elastic like membrane. Tampons are not supposed to reach our hymen. Sex isn't the only way you hymen is broken. There are girls who ride horses and girls who do gymnastics that. first of all popping the cherry doesnt actually mean that u hear a popping sound when the hymen breaks. theres no sound at all. but if u were.

How did you do it? Was it clitoral stimulation only. Is it possible to break the hymen? Yes. Some break it riding bikes or a horse. The concern is really the sharp. If he is the one you want to loose your virginity with, you must trust him that Dont let people tell you that popping your own cherry is bad. And what does it mean to “pop your cherry”? There is no actual “popping” involved. if their anatomy doesn't align with this ideal (just search “hymen yahoo. The term “pop your cherry” is slang for the breaking of the hymen. The hymen is about a half-inch inside the vagina and can be broken with penetration or even if .