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How to spool a fishing reel cast


If you're trying to fish with ultralight lures, you're going to want to use a spincast reel. Here's how to put a line on a spin cast reel correctly. I prefer that the line come off the spool counter-clockwise. The reason for this is because when you cast a spinning reel like my Abu Garcia Cardinal , the line . Tackle Tip Tuesday is a new weekly blog on fishing, tackle, and tips to that the line come off of the top when you are spooling a casting reel.

A spinning reel requires that the line be loaded onto the reel the same way it comes Overfilling or underfilling your spool will create problems when you cast. A tip to remember on spinning and casting reels with line already on them: only strip off the first yards or so and add new line with a blood Knot. This front. Putting line on a fishing reel is fairly straight forward, but you do need For spinning and spin cast reels, I tell people to set the reel on a table.

In this Article:Article SummaryChoosing Your LineLoading the ReelSpooling to create one line, which makes it great for creating a larger casting distance.