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How to train for a sprint triathlon


Tackling a triathlon can be daunting, even for the fittest folks. With this sprint- distance training plan, you'll make it to the finish line with ease. As with most endurance sports, triathlon training plans employ a technique called periodization--a cyclic training plan Triathlon [Sprint, Olympic/International]. Ramp up your triathlon training in just 12 weeks with this daily workout schedule created exclusively for sprint-distance races. Click to download this free training.

Sprint triathlons—which vary but are typically around a yard swim, mile bike and 3-mile run—are a great entry point to the sport and. He used to make fun of those of us training for our first Ironman because he “ Brick workouts are extremely important for sprint triathlons. Train for a sprint-distance (aka short!) triathlon with this week swimming, cycling and running plan. “I could never do a triathlon,” the mother.

Tackling your first triathlon is a major undertaking. This guide breaks down everything you need to know, including a sprint triathlon training. Perhaps you're a complete beginner just trying to decide if sprint triathlon training is right for you. Or maybe you're a seasoned veteran of. The sprint triathlon distance—a mile swim, mile bike ride, and a mile run—draws more newcomers every year for good reasons.