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How to use group join in linq


GroupJoin produces a list of entries in the first list, each with a group of joined entries in the (In case of Linq to Entities: IQueryable). Join. This tutorial explains how to use GroupJoin in linq. The GroupJoin operator joins two sequences based on key and groups the result by matching key and then. Learn how to perform grouped joins using LINQ in C#. The second example shows you how to use a group join to create XML elements., System. . This method is implemented by using deferred execution. . The following code example demonstrates how to use GroupJoin

Querying and Searching XML Documents Using LINQ to XML at how to create LINQ queries that group and join the same set of sample data. In this article I will try to explain grouped joins in LINQ. So, in this article we will discuss Group Joins with a few examples. According to MSDN.