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How to use puppet with vagrants


The Vagrant Puppet provisioner allows you to provision the guest using Puppet, specifically by calling puppet apply, without a Puppet Master. Check out the full article and stay tuned for part two, where Max shows how to use Puppet to provision Vagrant-managed virtual machines. This tutorial will use the later. In this brief tutorial, we'll walk through how to setup a minimal Vagrant and Puppet environment and creating a.

This allows you to use your existing Puppet configuration code from your Puppet master and point Vagrant boxes to it for testing. At Virtual Instruments we use Vagrant boxes to locally test our Puppet changes before pushing those changes into production. Here are some. If you want to use Vagrant for testing your applications and have some desired initial state, using Puppet may be a choice to consider. 1.

I've been using Vagrant on and off over the last years and most of the time Puppet programs are called “manifests,” and they use file. Vagrant environment for puppet, including master and agents all the configuration is done via puppet using a control repo synchronized on the master via. First you have to chose puppet architecture. Master-agent architecture in puppet is recommended approach but you can also use stand-alone architecture.