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How to use rpg 42 arma 3


The RPG Alamut is a mm rocket launcher used by both Altian government loyalists, FIA rebels, and in limited numbers with the AAF in ArmA 3. the RPG is a relatively simple-to-use weapon that can be brought to bear against. I have noticed that shooting targets up to meters with the RPG 42 is fine, but after that, the , and meter markers all fall short and. The RPG launcher and missiles are heavier than the RPG-7 by quite a bit. heres a pretty neat tip about the RPG-7 of ARMA 3, its rocket flies in a go on and land using the Auto-hover, though the RPG-7's rocket has a.

'Better' is not really a thing in Arma- everything has a purpose- if you are shooting an RPG at vehicles, use the HEDP rocket (the heavier one). With perk explosive (i think), you get 4 rockets, 3 without. Has a wierd aim it can be a killer. So use rpg-7 mid-long range, RPG close-mid. Arma 3 Field Manual - Weapons Info The RPG Alamut is a lightweight, reloadable and recoilless anti-tank weapon fired from the shoulder.

Arma 3 - AT/AA Tutorial - Guide to improve your abilities. Added By Helios, 07 November - PCML/RPG - Titan - AT.