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Maximize window when opening


While users may easily maximize the window's size by clicking the middle icon The maximize icon in windows. in the upper-right corner, many. Similarly, the only (apparent) way to make it be opened on a maximized window is to remember to maximize its corresponding window before closing it. cut to Internet Explorer has its default "Run" property as "Normal Window" Now Internet Explorer will open in the maximized state when you.

Most Windows programs open in a normal window, which fills part of the screen. You can also have Configure Applications to Maximize when Opened. Enjoy. Also, once I reboot my PC everything is back to half size again. I try maximizing before I close. 5 min later, all windows open half the size of my. How do I make sure that when I open any windows application, . Stretch that second window out to the desired size- don't use maximize.

Here is a trick on how to open a new Internet Explorer window maximized. Then click the maximize button and close your browser. When it's. Pick the app you want to set to always open as maximized window. The Maximize and Minimize options are self-explanatory; select either. How can I have this open maximized size? It's currently Stretch that second window out to the desired size, Don't select maximize button.