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Pokemon platinum how to beat roark


Since rock-types are weak against fighting-type moves, you should be able to KO Roark's three Pokemon easily. As for leveling up a Magikarp, that could take a. 11, Bidoof lv. 9, Shinx lv. 9 and Machop lv. 7? I haven't actually tried to defeat.., Pokemon Platinum Questions and answers, Nintendo DS. POKEMON PLATINUM WALKTHROUGH . Head to the city's south side and enter the mines, and you'll find Roark at the southernmost point inside the cave.

Roark uses a lv. 12 Geodude, a lv. 12 Onix, and a lv. 14 Cranidos. They are all Rock-type Pokemon and are very weak against Water and Grass-type moves. Pokemon Platinum June 20 Version ____ _ | _ \ ___ | | _____ _ __ ___ ___ _ __ | |_) / _ I am not an expert at Pokemon, but I do well at beating the game and Oreburgh City: Roark: Rock/ground Turtwig and Piplup are strong, Chimchar. Here's the guide on how to defeat Roark, the first Gym Leader. Gym Leader Roark Roark's Pokemon: Geodude Level 12 (Rock/Ground) Onix.

Of course, you'd have to beat the Gym Leader first. This is the Oreburgh Pokémon Gym!.