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Solar panel tekkit emc how to


This article refers to the Solar Panel in IndustrialCraft, for producing EU. Total EMC value = 65, for 13 Solar Panels Tekkit Tutorial Part 1 Solar Panels. It is the equivalent of Solar Panels, 64 LV Solar Arrays, or 8 MV Solar Arrays. The EMC value of a HV Solar Array is similar to that of about 6 Red Matter. this is my first post on this forum, i have been playing tekkit classic for a few days now and I am now using solar panels (industrial craft) to power.

Otherwise, for the items with an EMC, condensers are great for collection. For the other items, you could use obsidian pipes leading up to some. You can help out Tekkit Wiki by re-organizing parts of the article, checking An LV Solar Array's EMC value is 40, or Diamonds (Assuming you use an. The recipes aren't hard, but for a single HV solar array I'd need comes with energy collectors that are able to absorb EMC (the “currency” of.

I have a very large setup with several HV solar arrays, but now I don't have many raw resources because I spent it all on solar power. I'm stumped, how does Solar energy work in tekkit? been generating myself some EMC and using the "free" charcoal to power my generators.