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This is what anxiety feels like buzzfeed


"I would NEVER have guessed you had anxiety and depression issues! .. Like you already feel like you're stupid/a failure/whatever, and then. Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community if they felt they could represent their anxiety visually. Here are some of the brave and honest. I feel like reading this list just caused my anxiety to spike. Back to playing video games and pretending that everything is fine. /s. Like · Reply · 3.

This Student Took Chilling Photos To Show What Anxiety Feels Like that has led to such healing and self-discovery," Crawford told BuzzFeed. I never want anyone to feel alone, as anxiety and depression can be isolating. We asked people on Reddit, BuzzFeed editors, and friends to anonymously share "For me, anxiety feels like running with concrete shoes on." "[It feels like] trying to stay calm in a sea of hands fighting for your attention.". I already feel crazy, now other people know I am. Anxiety isn't logical and that's ok, it's valid no matter what. Feeling like I need to hide it makes.

Anxiety's tricky like that — it can creep into your life in ways you might think If you're feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope but aren't sure. That said, GAD can exist alongside other anxiety disorders like You feel it coming, creeping up on you, and the anticipation of waiting for. anxiety: yeah but i've looked at it from a new angle and there's like 20 . *feels anxiety acting up in public social situation* me: just act cool p.