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What is nuclear family vs extended family


Nuclear family gives you freedom but in extended family or joint family responsibilities are there. In nuclear family Nuclear Family Vs. Extended Family in India. An extended family is a family that extends beyond the nuclear family, consisting of parents like father, mother, and their children, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This lesson will seek to explain the variations in family residence that exist around the globe. In doing so, it will specifically highlight the.

Extended Family: Definition & Structure · Nuclear vs. Extended Family: Definitions & Structures · The Role of the Extended Family in Late. A nuclear family is an isolated unit of a couple and their kids while an extended family incorporates relatives and grandparents in the family. The explanation - A nuclear family system is a family structure that consists of two parents living with their children, also known as immediate.

Joint or extended family versus small or nuclear family.-What are the merits/ advantages and drawbacks/disadvantages of living in a joint family. I remember having a carefree and joyful childhood among several uncles, aunts, grand parents and parents. I remember the playful times that lasted for days at. There are some subsets such as an extended family (second cousins under one roof), nuclear family living with grandparents of the youngest.