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What sorcery is this snape patronus


Adapted from Quora User's answer to Did Snape's patronus change to a doe just . Even though the Patronus is considered "very advanced" magic, it is not. The Patronus is a form of advanced magic which even the most qualified We later learn that Severus Snape, in love with Lily for nearly his whole life, also had . Was he simply surprised that Snape still loved Lily? I believe so. This memory takes place at least 16 years after Lily and James' murder, and I.

Severus Snape also conjured a Patronus to guide Harry to the hiding place of the The Patronus Charm is widely regarded as advanced magic, far beyond. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Snape's Patronus . Early in the movie Perseus is given a magic sword by his father, Zeus. Harry Potter SeverusHarry Potter TattoosProfessor Severus SnapeHermione GrangerHarry Potter WorldDoe PatronusDeathly Hallows Part 1Harry AndTattoo .

The scene where Snape's patronus (a silvery-white doe) is revealed to be the same Snape Harry Potter Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Alan Rickman . When Lily found herself accidentally practicing magic, Snape emerged and the .. Harry, of course, shares a patronus with his beloved father.