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Whatsapp profile pictures folder windows


WhatsApp no longer caches/stores the viewed profile pictures under /sdcard/ WhatsApp/Profile Pictures/ directory, due many reasons, like this.. Now, it's stored . Instead I found it to be saved in a new OTHER PICTURES folder, which annoyingly does not show up if it try to send the pics to other people. Go to whatsapp foldermediaprofile pictures. Hope it On Windows phone, once you click on the image, a save icon appears bellow the pic. You can save.

This tutorial will show you step by step how to download and save a WhatsApp profile picture on an Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 10 Mobile. Your pictures and videos are automatically saved in the WhatsApp folder of your On Windows Phone it is not possible to save audio files, you can only. Where does WhatsApp (on Android) store loaded status images on phone? download a profile picture in which case it will be stored in the WhatsApp-folder on your SD-card. They are still saved in the WhatsApp directory.

I was searching for profile pictures I usually got from that folder and then instant messenger available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone. In fact, you can't even save a WhatsApp profile picture from the app to your Select the image you just captured from your Screenshots folder. Within pictures, there are subfolders for camera roll, sample pictures, saved pictures, and screenshots. I don't see any folder for profile pictures.