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With the advice of his super cool dad John Cena, Fred embarks on an epic journey full of gut-busting fun to find her. So, jump in the kiddie pool and join Fred, Bertha Jennette McCurdy, and the whole gang for a hilariously good time in FRED: THE MOVIE! Fred: The Movie 2010 12 1h 22m Wacky Comedies When his dream girl moves away, a squeaky-voiced teen sets out on a wacky adventure to find her and prove that he's way cooler than other kids think.

Fred is a withering, unerringly precise satirical pastiche of the me-first 'American Idol' generation. The only question is why an audience would choose to spend 83 minutes with him. The movie shows more of this, not being quite right, in the movie by showing that something is wrong with Fred's mom, maybe she's a drug addict and a hooker? It's all up for speculation. The movie also develops themes of loneliness by showing Fred's as John Cena.

Sep 18, 2010 · Fred: The Movie is a 2010 TV film for Nickelodeon based on Fred Figglehorn by Lucas Cruikshank that was produced by Lionsgate, Varsity Pictures and The Colective. Fred Figglehorn Lucas Cruikshank, is back in an all-new movie adventure, and his life has gone from kooky to spooky. Fred's beloved music teacher, Mrs. Felson, has mysteriously disappeared, and Fred is convinced that her replacement, Mr. Devlin, has a secret life -- as a vampire!

Fred: The Movie. Lovestruck, awkward teen Fred Figglehorn makes desperate attempts to make Judy fall in love with him - while also dodging the mischievous Kevin. Fred Figglehorn has a crush on Judy, the girl next door. Fred's stalker, Kevin, lives across the street and thwarts each attempt Fred makes to see her. When Fred finally succeeds in making it to Judy's, he finds out she has moved so he embarks on a journey to find her.

Mar 23, 2011 ·::NOT OUR WORK:: Fred: The Movie is a 2010 independent comedy film based on the YouTube character Fred Figglehorn. All of John Cena's Scenes in this film. DIRECTORJohn FortenberrySTARRINGLucas CruikshankJake WearySiobhan Fallon HoganStephanie CourtneyCarlos KnightSeth MorrisDaniella MonetWWE Superstar John CenaAriel Winter. Judy is a main character in the Fred YouTube series as well as Fred: The Movie. Judy is the object of Fred's infatuation, who is also one of the most popular kindergartners. Judy dislikes Fred, often embarrassing him, and is instead dating Kevin. Judy also has a Zipit® like Fred who constantly sends messages to her, which she either replies with insults, or does not reply at all.

Fred: The Movie is a American independent comedy film written by David A. Goodman, directed by Clay Weiner. The film is based on the character, Fred Figglehorn who was created and is portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank. The film also stars Jake Weary, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Pixie. In the web video, it is implied that Fred's mother is a prostitute. Fred's father is never there in the web series. He's not there in the films or TV series either, but we get John Cena to make up for it. Daydream Surprise: A large portion of the movies are this. In some places, it's hard to tell what's a Daydream Surprise and what isn't. In this movie, Fred's music teacher Mrs. Felson mysteriously disappears and Fred believes that the new music teacher, Mr. Devlin, killed her and thinks he is a vampire. So he goes on a wildly comic quest to expose Mr. Devlin's true identity before he turns Fred's "cul-de-sac" into a community of Bloodsuckers.

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