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Varieties of Holly Bushes Garden Guides.

Varieties of Holly Bushes Japanese Holy Ilex Crenata Japanese holly is evergreen, with dark, almost black berries.American Holly Ilex Opaca American holly is very popular for its spiny,.Yaupon Holly Ilex Vomitoria Yaupon holly is native to the eastern and southern part.Chinese Holly. More than 400 holly varieties grow worldwide. Widely grown hollies include American hollies Ilex opaca, English hollies Ilex aquifolium, Yaupon hollies Ilex vomitoria, and Japanese hollies Ilex crenata. You can grow holly for privacy fences, clipped hedges, foliage along house foundations, and tall, handsome garden specimen trees.

Moreover, many hundreds of hybrids and cultivars have been developed for garden use, among them the very popular "Highclere holly", Ilex × altaclerensis I. aquifolium × I. perado and the "blue holly", Ilex × meserveae I. aquifolium × I. rugosa.
Everyone is familiar with our common holly, Ilex aquifolium, with its glossy evergreen leaves and red berries. But there are lots of other varieties to grow, some with attractive foliage and berries that range in colour from orange to purple.

The Varieties of Holly Shrubs Carissa Holly. Carissa holly Ilex cornuta "Carissa" is a variety of holly shrub with a slow growth rate.Dwarf Yaupon Holly. Dwarf yaupon holly Ilex vomitoria "Nana" is an evergreen shrub with a moderate.Japanese Holly. Japanese holly Ilex crenata has a. The berries are generally black, but on some Japanese Holly bushes, they are a shade of golden yellow. Other names and varieties that come under the Japanese Holly are Convexa, Microphylla, Dwarf Pagoda, Green Lustre, etc. These types grow up to an average height of 2 to 13 feet. There are many types of holly shrubs:English holly Ilex aquifolium is one of the most common with its familiar glossy,.Chinese holly I. cornuta is one of the few types of holly shrubs that can actually produce.The Japanese holly I. crenata produces vibrant black-colored berries. Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants Class: Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons Subclass: Rosidae Order: Celastrales Family: Aquifoliaceae – Holly family Genus: Ilex L. – holly. Dwarf hollies, such as dwarf yaupon holly, meserve holly, and inkberry, are the easiest types to use, as they need less pruning. Most varieties of holly bear red or orange berries, which are set off by the glossy evergreen foliage.

Hedge plants used decoratively are often trimmed to precise sizes and shapes and may be either evergreen or deciduous shrubs. Shrubs used for the practical function of security should be densely growing and possibly have thorns such as hawthorns or prickly leaves such as English holly. Shop shrubs in the plants, bulbs & seeds section of. Find quality shrubs online or in store.

Holly Plant Varieties

Identifying Male And Female Holly Bushes.

10 Hollies to Grow - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine.

Design Ideas This dwarf Chinese Holly is probably the most widely used, particularly in warmer climates. Its dense but layered form is perfect for a natural hedge or even as an edging plant for taller flowering shrubs. Perfect for Asian-inspired gardens, at home in the woodland setting, or as a controlled source of unique texture in formal settings. Holly Plants. Holly plants are the ideal choice for adding colour to a shady spot in your garden. These wonderful shrubs will thrive in the shadiest of conditions which is why you often see them living as an understory species in woodlands around the UK. This tree is very tall. I do not know if it is a male or female. Often I can tell the sex of the American Holly by examining its leaves. The leaves of a male tend to be smaller than the leaves of the female. Links: USDA PLANTS Database Record. In a wide variety of forests, ranging from xeric to wetland Weakley 2015. Bird-Friendly Native Plants.

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