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Other names and varieties that come under the Japanese Holly are Convexa, Microphylla, Dwarf Pagoda, Green Lustre, etc. These types grow up to an average height of 2. Alternative Title: Ilex. Holly, genus Ilex, genus of some 600 species of shrubs and trees in the family Aquifoliaceae, distributed nearly worldwide. Several species are cultivated as ornamentals for their distinctive foliage and red or black fruits, which persist into winter and are popular Christmas decorations.

Leaves of some holly species are used by some cultures to make daily tea. These species are Yerba mate I. paraguariensis , Ilex guayusa, Kuding Ilex kaushue , Yaupon I. vomitoria and others. Nov 30, 2017 · Deck the Halls: 5 Best Holly Trees for a Garden and GarlandsCommon Holly.Japanese Holly.Chinese Holly.Weeping Yaupon Holly.Nellie R. Stevens Holly. Nov 09, 2016 · "Holly varieties mature at different times, just like apples do," Peter adds. "Each tree can be cut every second or third year and we obviously cut from whichever ones have the most berries." They have about 100 different varieties, including several spectacular ones that are always high-yielding: variegated 'Golden King', dark-green 'J.C. van Tol' and the large-berried 'Firecracker'. Ilex vomitoria- Yaupon Holly Custom Search Select Family List Bayberry Beech Birch Buckthorn Buckwheat Cocoplum Corkwood Custard Apple Cypress Cyrilla Ebony Elm Four O'clock Frankincense Heath Holly Honeysuckle Horse Chestnut Laurel Lindon Madder Magnolia Mahogany Maples Mulberry Myrtle Myrsine Olax Olive Palms Pea Pine Plane Tree Rose Rue Sapodilla Soapberry Storax Sumac. Blue holly leaves are a blueish-green with purple stems. Japanese holly has leaves similar to evergreen trees. Find dark green, leathery leaves longer than 3 inches on the American holly bush; these leaves also have small spines along the fringes. Look for dark green 4-inch-long leaves on the Chinese holly.

Knots are common, which can reduce the usable area of the wood. Can develop a bluish/gray fungal stain if not dried rapidly after cutting. Holly is usually cut during the winter and kiln dried shortly thereafter to preserve the white color of the wood. Grain/Texture: Grain is interlocked and irregular. Florida holly trees are among the most popular landscape trees for their hardiness, colorful berries and go-anywhere size. They include East Palatka, Nellie Stevens, dahoon, and weeping yaupon - each with its own distinctive style and beauty. Here are just a few examples:English holly Ilex aquifolium: This is a tree that grows to be 30 to 50 feet tall,.American holly Ilex opaca: Another kind that grows in tree form,.Japanese holly I. crenata: The Japanese holly also offers some interesting variations on.Chinese holly. Native to the northeastern U.S. and Canada, this tough Tree adapts to many garden environments and it flourishes in all but the hottest and driest regions of our country. The Dragon Lady® Holly 15’ × 6’ may have a standoffish name, but this special evergreen Tree is a sleek and stylish pyramid of loveliness. Vibrant red berries accent.

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