How Do You Cut Chives From The Plant -

Cutting them back will create a new batch of bright green leaves. If you continue to cut the blossom heads from your chive plant, the flowers will keep coming and you will have a special ingredient for the following culinary delight. Chives need to be divided every two to three years. Thereafter, cut the chive back monthly. Cut the flower stalks off at the soil line to prevent the plant from forming seed. This will encourage the plant to keep producing leaves, and you can utilize the flowers as garnish or tossed into salads. Chives can be used both fresh and dried but they lose quite a bit of their flavor when dried. May 26, 2019 · Be sure to cut your chives in the morning. They will be full of flavor and not parched after a day of summer sun. Cutting chives is super simple. All you need is a pair of scissors. If you have pruning sheers that is fine too but just a simple pair of scissors will do you just fine. Harvest chives by cutting off the top half of the plant. You may eat the green portion and the flowers once they bloom in the late spring. You can also cut small pieces of chives as needed throughout the season. Freeze large batches of chive stems or use a dehydrator to dry out this herb.

After the plant is 6" tall, cut some of the blades down to 2" above the ground to encourage plant production. Herbs should be cut in the morning after the dew has dried. Cut near the base of the greenery, not the chive tips, to encourage new tender shoots to emerge. Do not wash the cuttings or aromatic oils will be lost. Growing chives is relatively easy - they grow themselves really and all you need to do is look after the plants - water them and divide the clumps of bulbs when they get too crowded. Chives are an exceptionally good plant for feeding bees - they love their purple flower globes, so grow some extra clumps away from your sitting area and let them flower to feed the bees. Aug 21, 2014 · Whether you want just a couple for a garnish or you need a bigger batch, always clip from the outside of the chive clump and always cut about half an inch up from the soil. This will encourage the plant to spread out when sending up new growth. Cut off blades from the outside of the plant at ground level and use immediately or dry for later use. Divide chive clumps every two to three years. Dig up the clump and pull apart the bulbs. Replant the bulbs to the same depth they were at previously.

Plant chives seeds about 1/4-inch deep in the soil. Water well. If you’re planting chive seeds indoors, place the pot in a dark spot in temperatures 60 to 70 F. 15 to 21 C. until the seeds sprout, then move them into the light. When the chives reach 6 inches, you can transplant them to the garden. An eggplant can be sliced lengthwise, cut into rounds, or cubed depending on how you are preparing it. More Less. Watch More Videos From Knife Skills. Now Playing. How to Cut an Eggplant. How to Chop Chives. See More Related Videos. Now Playing.. Before you begin, make plans for where you will plant your divisions. A clump of chives often consists of dozens of plants, which you can plant in your garden, in containers or both. Examine your clump to get a rough guess of how many plants you have, and divide this number by three. Oct 31, 2014 · You'll find that, instead of being a single plant, chives are made up of clumps of elongated bulbs. Sometimes you can separate small clumps of chives into pieces using just your hands, but a hand fork or even better, two hand forks placed back-to-back and forced apart makes the job easier. Chopped chives are a fresh, healthy way to give flavor to many dishes. More Less. Watch More Videos From Knife Skills. Now Playing. How to Chop Chives. Now Playing. How to Cut an Eggplant. Now Playing. How to Trim Silver Skin. Now Playing. How to.

Growing chives is very easy to do. These tips will show you how to plant, grow and harvest this tasty herb. The hollow, green smooth textured leaves have a taste that is similar to both leeks and onions. Chives are a cut and grow again herb, which will re-grow after you cut the leaves off for use.

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