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I was born in Buckinghamshire in 1959 and I have lived in the county all my life. I first used an SLR in about 1971, but my first camera was a Diana, bought from a shop in Hastings while on Holiday in about 1967. I was 8.

I learnt to use a black and white darkroom at school and many rolls of black and white negative, colour negative, and colour slide film have gone through my cameras. Now most of my work is digital. I am based in North Buckinghamshire, in England.

My prices are based on how long it takes for both the photography and preparatory/finishing work, plus either a cost per print or a usage fee. The usage fee varies according to how you use the photo. For example: Three months on a small company’s website with tens of hits a day, a small fee. Two years on a big company’s website with thousands of hits a day, a large fee. The same applies for a brochure that may have a small or very large print run.
I do not charge for travelling within ten miles from Woughton on the Green, in South Milton Keynes.

Houses, flats, and bungalows up to £300,000:
1/1,000th of the asking price, with a minimum of £80.

1/1,000th of the asking price, with a minimum of £80:
Fees reflect the size and nature of the property, and will often be less than 1/1,000th of the asking price, with a minimum of £300.

Shared ownership:
As per 100% of valuation, conditions as above.

Private rentals up to £21,000 rent per year: (£1,750 PCM)
1/70th of the yearly rent with a minimum of £80.

Private rentals over £21,000: (£1,750 PCM)
Fees reflect the size and nature of the property, and will often be less than 1/70th of the yearly rent, with a minimum of £300.

Commercial and other properties:
Fees reflect the size and nature of the property, with a minimum of £80.

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I, Roger Bradbury, hold the copyright in all photographs and logos on this website. You are free to use photos here for the purposes of review or for personal reference but this does not include use for derivative works.

If you want to use a photograph for any other reason please contact me first. Some photographs are lodged with the Collections Photographic Agency and will be marked with (CA). For these, for publication in any form please contact the agency first via the links page.

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I comply with the Distance Selling Regulations, which when buying on-line gives you the right to examine and test items at home just as you would in a shop.

If you are not happy with any cards you’ve bought, please contact me in writing (via the contact form or by email is fine) within 14 days of receiving your goods. I will reply and then you can send the goods back to me. I will refund your purchase price and the post and packing cost.

Unless you are returning the cards because they are faulty, they must still be sealed within their cellophane bags.

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