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Medical Air Compressors. The medical air compressor system is designed to provide continuous medical quality air. It consists of two or more air compressors, air tank, control system, cold dryer, filter, etc. With various filter and drying, stages remove harmful gases, bacteria, oil and water from compressed air. Dec 01, 2018 · MEDICAL AIR USP. AIR, COMPRESSED NON-FLAMMABLE GAS 2 41002 R 08/09 19.5%-23% Oxygen, 77%-80.5% Nitrogen UN1002. WARNING: For breathing support when used by properly trained personnel. For medical applications, Rx only. Administration of Medical Air may be hazardous or contraindicated. For use only by or under the supervision. The medical air supply in a hospital is a vital life-supporting service, maintaining respiration of the critically ill during mechanical ventilation. Our medical air system compressors and dryers specifically designed for medical application. They guarantee an uninterrupted air supply in every situation.

Medical air compressors require frequent maintenance practices in order to ensure high performance. This article explains the various medical air compressors and the preventative maintenance practices that should be carried out for them. Types of Medical Air Compressors. 150 Production Drive Harrison, OH 45030 USA. Telephone: 1.888.769.7979 Fax: 1.513.367.3125 Email info@ HOME; ABOUT; PRODUCT WIZARD.

Trace Analytics, LLC is an A2LA Accredited Laboratory specializing in compressed gas analysis for the breathing air, manufacturing, and medical gas industries worldwide. For over 29 years, we’ve upheld the highest quality standards in the industry, delivering uncompromising quality in accordance with ISO 8573, NFPA 1989, OSHA LEARN MORE. Find information on a variety of Ohio Medical's products varying from vacumm regulators and suction machines, to gas hoses and fittings, and much more! A good-size hospital with 200 beds and ten operating rooms can have a medical air system, a laboratory air system, and pneumatic air systems. The medical air systems must all follow the NFPA 99 guidelines. We follow these guidelines, from the beginning, when we assess the demand for air in a hospital. [. Medical air is produced, by medical air compressors, at 100 psig air pressure. This air is introduced into medical air dryers and filters at this pressure. The air is then pressure regulated down to 55 psig and distributed to occupancy areas for Level 1 or 2 applications.

Medical Air Product categories POWEREX.

Sep 24, 2015 · Scroll compressors are most commonly used for carrying medical gas for anesthesia, to calibrate surgical tools, and to power incubators and ventilators. Oil-less reciprocating compressors are used to distribute medical air when an intermittent cycle is needed. Installation is inexpensive, noise level is low, and maintenance is cost effective. The Hitachi compressor portfolio expanded significantly in July 2017 when Sullair joined the Hitachi Group of Companies. Sullair now supports Hitachi America, Ltd.’s Air Compressor portfolio, and continues to offer its full line of air compressors for industrial markets. Compressors must be oil-free to rule out air contamination. Four categories of air have been specified for medical facilities, ranging from if an interruption could cause harm to a patient to zero impact on patient care in the event of downtime. Filtration is a necessity, of course, and hospital and medical compressor require particle-free. Welcome to Pattons medical. Pattons Inc., now owned and operated by ELGi USA, began selling custom medical air packages to hospitals in 1980. For years we sold Quincy compressors to the local medical market. Knowing we had to expand our product line, we became a distributor for Powerex in 2003. Medical Air Compressors. Unless you are work in hospital maintenance, you might never guess the extent to which hospitals rely on compressed air. These air systems are imperative for a large number of critical end-uses, so much so that any problems with the delivery or quality of compressed air in a hospital can jeopardize patient health and.

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