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Uplink save file

Uplink save file

Name: Uplink save file

File size: 261mb

Language: English

Rating: 9/10



GNU/Linux Users:~/.uplink/ Mac Users:~/Library/Application Support/Uplink. 18 Sep There's actually a nifty tool (the EXE is simply called or something like that) that you can make manual backups of your save file. 22 Feb Surely if Uplink itself is reading these files, there has to be some sort of For the save game itself, if I remember correctly, it is a binary file.

You can quit the game, make a backup of your save file, and then . for easy backup and restore of your savegames you can use the Uplink. You can drag and drop your saved files onto the page and it should. generate a dataurl link for you to save back to your machine. Only tested in. Windows, game> \users\. macOS (OS X), ~/Library/Application Support/ Uplink/. Linux, ~/.uplink/.

22 Sep This way, if you get caught for any reason, simply copy your backup, and paste it right over your old user file in the uplink folder. Usually you. When playing Uplink, it's often helpful to back up one's agent files, since getting caught is irreversible and essentially makes one start over from. There are File Servers all over the uplink world, in addition to that tries to play without bank hacking or backing up your saves (like me). 17 Feb This hack allows you to save your game in Uplink. Very useful since it is a very hard game. This program does not in any way modify Uplink. Build a second uplink on the other side and demolish the first right before . Go to File, Save As. Save it as anything that doesn't make it.

If you like Uplink, you might also want to try out Introversion's other A good game, but I hate that if you get caught, your save file is deleted. This game is fun, though, and is among the best games in the hacking genre. .. chances are you might face the Game Over screen and a deleted save file due. By the way, Uplink doesn't delete your save files when you retire an agent, it merely moves them to a "deleted" directory, so if you're very. 9 Sep can't save flightplan file in respective uplink folder Still the doesn't show up when hitting the save button. It's just as if the.


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