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Pilonidal Sinus also called Pilonidal Cyst or Tailbone Cyst or Coccygeal Fistula is a small hole at the cleft of the top part of the buttocks, above the sacrum. It contains hair that may form cysts or abscess. Definition.A pilonidal cyst is a fluid-filled developmental defect at the base of the spine. The terms cyst, sinus, and abscess refer to different stages of the disease process.

Pilonidal Cyst A Pilonidal Cyst usually consists of a hair-containing sinus or abscess, just above the cleft of the buttocks under the skin over the tailbone coccyx. The term pilonidal comes from a combination of Latin words meaning hair pilus and nest nidal. Pilonidal cyst is more common in men than in women, usually occurring after puberty. DEFINITION: Pilonidal Sinuses, Hair Cyst, Pilonidal Disease and Pilonidal Abscess are all related to the same condition a latin word, Pilo meaning hairNidus meaning nestSinus meaning a passage leading to a cavity containing pus. A Pilonidal Sinuses usually, but not necessarily,contains a hair strand or hair nests and varies from a few strands of loose hair to tens of thousands of. Pilonidal cyst or pilonidal sinus is a small skin hair-containing sac located in the lower back. The treatment of infected cyst is done in two ways, open or closed, and usually involves making a cut on the abscess and discharging the infection or sometimes an operation to remove the entire infectious area. Pilonidal disease, also called pilonidal dimple, is a condition that develops in the crease between the buttocks, most often in young boys. It can result in one or more of the following: Pilonidal abscess, a pocket of puss that forms around an infected hair follicle; Pilonidal cyst, a closed pouch that may form around the abscess.

Pilonidal say "py-luh-NY-dul" disease is a chronic skin infection in the crease between the buttocks. People with this condition have one or more cysts in that area that tend to get inflamed and infected. A pilonidal cyst may look like a small dimple called a "pit" or "sinus". A pilonidal sinus PNS is a small cyst or abscess that occurs in the cleft at the top of the buttocks. A PNS usually contains hair, dirt, and debris. It can cause severe pain and can often become infected. If it becomes infected, it may ooze pus and blood and have a foul odor. Pilonidal abscess refers to a cyst or an abscess found in the cleft of the buttocks. The cyst is fluid-filled and it happens in the tailbone or what is called as the coccyx. The abscess is caused by skin debris and hair. A sinus tract may also develop. The pilonidal cyst happens because of the presence of bacteria that grows in the buttocks area. Some people are born with pilonidal cysts. A pilonidal cyst is a fluid filled sac that develops at the top of the crease between the buttocks. It may have a hair sticking out from it and can become infected and painful. Pilonidal disease symptoms. Unless a cyst becomes infected, you may have no symptoms. If your pilonidal cyst is infected and becomes an abscess, it can be very painful. Nov 21, 2018 · Pilonidal cyst — Comprehensive overview covers causes, symptoms and treatments of this skin abnormality. Skip to site navigation Skip to Content.

Medical Definition of pilonidal.1: containing hair nested in a cyst —used of congenitally anomalous cysts in the sacrococcygeal area that often become infected and discharge through a channel near the anus. 2: of, relating to, involving, or for use on pilonidal cysts, tracts, or sinuses. Another short 1cm incision is usually made over an underlying abscess or abscess cavity. The tract in between in debridedSmall undermining incisions is used to lift up the excision scar in midline mini cleft lift - sometimes a local flap is also used to minimize the scar in midlineWounds are closed with dissolvable sutures - there are usually just 2 short 1cm scarsThis can be done under.

His clinical focus includes colon and rectal cancer, anal cancer, benign colorectal diseases inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, and benign anorectal diseases hemorrhoids, peri-anal fistula, pilonidal cyst. He performs conventional open surgery as well as.

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