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Symptoms of Central pontine myelinolysis

Central pontine myelinolysis or CPM is a rare neurological disorder that primarily affects the myelin sheath of our nerve cells neurons found in the brainstem. This is a demyelinating disease which was first described in the year 1959. The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Central pontine myelinolysis includes the 8 symptoms listed below: Flaccid paralysis. Facial weakness. Bulbar weakness. Disordered eye movements. Loss of balance. Altered consciousness. Muscle spasms. Demyelination of pontine corticobulbar fibers leads to early dysarthria or mutism. Spastic quadriparesis and pseudobulbar palsy are common, occurring in more than 90 percent of patients. When lesions extend into the midbrain, medulla, or pontine tegmentum, there may be pupillary and oculomotor signs, depressed consciousness or coma, and dysfunction of cranial nerves.

Symptoms of tumefactive and pontine demyelination. The common symptoms of tumefactive and pontine demyelination are blurred vision, bowel inconsistency, urine inconsistency, loss of feeling in limbs, dizziness and weakness. In extreme cases, paralysis is a possibility. Clinical depression can be easily caused by the symptoms of this condition. However, this would vary from person to person. Central pontine myelinolysis is a pivotal manifestation of the syndrome and is characterized by progressive lethargy, quadriparesis, dysarthria, ophthalmoplegia, dysphasia, ataxia, and reflex changes. Classic clinical and anatomical descriptions associated with a central pontine location have been supplemented by descriptions of patients with unusual symptoms associated with demyelinating lesions in extrapontine locations. Apr 10, 2013 · Demyelinating Disease Symptoms. The signs and symptoms occurring in one type of demyelinating disease are different from those seen in another demyelinating condition. The common symptoms that can occur in patients with any of these disorders are mentioned below: Ataxia or Impaired muscle coordination; Blurred double vision. Prevention of brain demyelination in rats after excessive correction of chronic hyponatremia by serum sodium lowering. Kidney Int 1994; 45:193. Soupart A, Penninckx R, Stenuit A, Decaux G. Azotemia 48 h decreases the risk of brain damage in rats after correction of.

Overview of signs & symptoms consistent with demyelinating disease with links to information and resources for patients. Improvements to the patient's life may be accomplished through the management of symptoms or slowing of the rate of demyelination. Treatment can include medication, lifestyle changes i.e. smoking cessation, increased rest, and dietary changes, counselling, relaxation, physical exercise, patient education, and in some cases, deep brain thalamic stimulation to ameliorate tremors. As a result of demyelination of the basal ganglia, a wide range of characteristic extrapyramidal motor symptoms have been found, including dystonia, myoclonus, rigor, akinesia, and tremor 5, 18.

Dec 21, 2011 · Central pontine myelinolysis Treatment. There is no known treatment for this condition. Curative approach mainly focuses on providing supportive care to relieve symptoms and involves: Physical therapy – It involves administering ventilator support to patients to help them breathe. Central pontine myelinolysis CPM is a neurological condition involving severe damage to the myelin sheath of nerve cells in the pons an area of the brainstem. It is predominately iatrogenic treatment-induced, and is characterized by acute paralysis, dysphagia difficulty swallowing, dysarthria difficulty speaking, and other neurological symptoms. Jul 21, 2011 · Initial signs and symptoms appear within two to three days and include a depressed level of awareness, difficulty speaking, and difficulty swallowing. Additional symptoms often occur in the next one to two weeks, including impaired thinking, weakness or paralysis in the arms and legs, stiffness, impaired sensation, and difficulty with coordination.

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