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Why choose potted hedging? Among the most common reasons for choosing pot-grown hedging is the need for instant privacy or screening when moving to a new home, to repair a damaged or dying hedge, or to fill that little hole in your borders. Beech Hedging.Beech Hedging 5-6ft 150-180cm in a 10lt pot.These beech hedge plants are 5-6ft 150-180cm in a 10lt pot. Beech Fagus sylvatica is a very traditional form of hedging that is native to the UK. Beech fagus sylvatica plants are a very popular hedging plant native deciduous shrub grown for its striking foliage displays. Beech is an excellent plant for hedging, include in hedgrow schemes or creating that 'privacy' barrier. Its glossy green leaves turning rich copper-brown in the winter – leaves are retained during the winter and are pushed off when the new foliage appears in spring.

So what are we going to be seeing in our Show Gardens and in gardening magazines this year, read our guide on keeping your garden ahead of the curve. May 02, 2019 · The cheapest way to plant a hedge is to plant bare-root plants in the dormant season, between November and February. Many hedging plants can be grown in this way, including beech, hornbeam and yew. Discover how to plant a bare-root hedge. Evergreen hedges, such as privet, are best planted in early autumn. Green Beech is pretty good as hedging. In spring its graceful branches are clothed with bright, green leaves with a wisp of furriness to them which disappears as the foliage matures to a more intense green finally becoming golden and russet-coloured in the autumn.

Container Hedging Hedges are a great way to enjoy more privacy in your garden, and the right hedge can be a beautiful focal point all year round. Our container hedging plants enable you to plant your hedge at any time of year, and you’ll find a wide variety of choices. Beech Hedging Beech is a native plant with excellent foliage of green leaves turning, golden brown in autumn. Beech holds its autumn leaves right through the autumn and winter. This gives you the seasonal interest of a deciduous tree with the privacy of an evergreen. Beech hedging Fagus sylvatica is not grown for flowers or fruits, but its magnificent foliage of delicate fluttery leaves with wavy edges. The leaves begin with a subtle golden-green before becoming brighter and finally, a stunning coppery colour. Click here for more information. Hedging UK is a friendly, family run business and specialist growers of quality hedging plants. We deliver across the UK. Contact us now on 01704 827 224. Hedging, Donegal. Top quality potted hedging, graded plants for FARM & REPS Schemes, private gardens & public areas - Dunwiley Nurseries, Stranorlar, Ireland.

Bare Root Copper Beech Hedging - Uses.Plant in rows 30cm apart to create hedging. Beech will grow into a neat & formal hedge. Offers great privacy. Can be planted on it's own to develop into a tree. Copper Beech can be mixed through a green beech hedge. Larger hedging plants will. We produce hedging in troughs, pots, and in the field. In total we have a production area of over 30 hectares producing plants available to plant out in heights from 30cm to 6m in height. We can also source larger and more unusual specimens from our many contacts. May 01, 2010 · If you're thinking of planting a new beech hedge, or maybe Hornbeam I think you'll find this post useful. I've planted several hedges over the years and learned some useful stuff along the way that will help you on your way to creating a lush new hedge. We'd originally planned to put up a.

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