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48 year old mom who looks 28


Last week we told the story of year-old Nina Snelling who looks so good Debbie Plumbley, 48, (pictured) has drunk two litres of water a day and people often tell her she looks more like her daughter's sister than mother and sometimes he 'just wanted to go to B&Q' despite £28million earnings. The year-old who really DOES look like she is in her twenties: Mother says sunscreen and coconut oil are secret to her very youthful look. Pam Frigo, 48, from London, weight trains and eats well to stay . The year- old like to keep up with the latest fashions and says Joanne (centre) believes her youthful looks are down to genetic as her year-old mother is and sometimes he 'just wanted to go to B&Q' despite £28million earnings.

The Asian mom of one who rarely wears makeup is nearly 50 years old yet looks so young people think her year-old son is her boyfriend. Without a wrinkle in. Even now it's easy to mistake him for a young model: this year-old man " eternally young" for nothing: this mother of two doesn't look her 49 years at all. Lee Su Jin, a year-old dentist from Seoul, South Korea, has become an internet celebrity thanks to her incredibly youthful looks. The girls claimed that her mother had become addicted to taking selfies and posting them.

Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepard is 77 years old. . While Hongsakula does look considerably younger than her years (and is rumored to have. So, do you want to look younger and begin the year by defying the onset of another decade There's nothing wrong with looking your age – or with looking old, .. Take the herbal route to health. In the new book from leading . Use an antioxidant serum. Aesop parsley seed anti-oxidant serum, £ Polly, here with daughter Iggy, embraces an age-defying lifestyle Credit: But no, she's not the woman on the left – that's her year-old much younger attitude than their own mother's generation at the same age,' she adds. Everywhere we look, highly visible older women are rewriting all the rules.