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Battlefield 4 how to unlock gun battlepacks


So far i've gotten 2 service stars with the m4a1, how many kills total do i need to unlock an m4a1 battlepack? and also do i need the same ammount of kills for. How often do you get Weapon Battlepacks, such as the M Battlepack? Every 50 kills after everything for that gun is unlocked via exp?. Took me some fiddling but I found how to find your unlock progression for weapons. For some reason, the BF4 battlelog doesn't open this when you click on your.

For Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Weapon Battlepack Unlocks?". Battlepacks aren't exclusive to specific levels. Each gun has 4 Battlepacks that unlock after you've gotten the other attachments (which takes kills with the. DICE has announced that you can now buy Battlefield 4 Battlepacks with @ melnificent you can unlock every gun attachment just by using it.

50 kills each after the last 10 kill unlock, most weapons take kills for all attachments unless you get a bunch from normal battlepacks. Battlefield 4 Battlepack items fall into 4 levels of rarity: • Standard: 25% XP Boosts , Weapon/Vehicle Paints, & Basic Weapon Attachments (Scopes, Barrels, Grips.