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Bike backfires when colds


I've also noticed that when cold, the bike tends to backfire a lot on deceleration, but after probably minutes the backfires stop. Not sure if. Evo Classic Models - Bike backfires and sputters when cold - I have been searching the threads for a couple hours but cant seem to find my. I have had very little experience with bikes backfiring, so asking GTAM's My wee GS backfires at low RPM and/or when it's cold (but not at.

But it doesn't happen when after being parked at work for 8 hrs or so, which is basically a "cold" start. The bike has just over 10K miles on it. First, I've searched a bit, but I'm kind of new to these forums, so I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right areas. On to the problem. Every once in a. Howdy, y'all. Whenever I start my bike cold, I get one single gargantuan explosion out the exhaust pipe. Sounds like a mega caliber rifle shot.

No popping, no backfiring just a great sounding bike. However I've noticed that as the weather turns colder (I'm in mid-west Illinois) I'm starting. Bought the bike in the guy I bought it from was a perfectionist and the bike Recently it started backfiring and sputtereing when cold, but. Seems like every time I start the bike when it's cold it back fires but starts just fine. After she warms up, no problems.. Do you think it's running. If you mean it ran fine previously, and now when you ride it, it backfires? Or do you mean that it backfires unpredictably? It also matters what you are doing with .