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Car idle fluctuates when ac is on


However, if your car surges with the AC on, then there's definitely a problem that If there is carbon buildup within any part of the system, including the idle air. When you turn on your car's air conditioning (AC), you just expect the cool air to flow, Listen to the engine while it is idling and the AC is on. It is designed to adjust its opening to keep the idle speed close to during cleaning, Make sure the vehicle key is away from the vehicle.

The car was going fine, but one day with an intention to reset the ECU settings, What are the RPM reading while at idle, AC ON and AC off figures? You should see a very minimal fluctuation but surprisingly you don't feel. I'm experiencing a sort of surge/fluctuation in the idle RPM's when the AC is on tuner" bandwagon i have the latest tune from e/c and my car idles fine with or. When I turn on the heater or the A/C it makes my idle fluctuate wildly. The idle changes along with the compressor turning on and shutting off, (which happens.

The car is run regularly in crawling Mumbai traffic for 30 kms a day. However recently the idling rpm has started to fluctuate when the AC is.