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Click noise when shocks decompress


Compress the rear and as it rebounds a clear click is heard - going over small bumps and the noise is a continuous rattle. So, its going back to. It happens when the front wheel is off and I compress the fork. 4. that (IMO) if dry, may bounce around inside and make a tick/click sound. Next you need to be aware of unusual noises in the suspension, A working damper will compress, rebound and immediately settle. A damper.

Could this be a bearing problem, or is this clicking sound normal in the Knocking sound from rear shock if compressed or decompressed. The suspension clunking, clicking, rattling, banging noise fix thread. side. it seems like it only happens when the suspension decompresses. Monroe® Shocks and Struts most frequently asked questions. however, my vehicle still makes a metallic "clunking noise" when driving over bumps. per mile, a shock absorber or strut may compress and extend several times per mile on a.

This causes a popping sound in the front suspension that can When the universal or ball joint wears, it can cause popping or ticking sound. Replacing the shocks or struts on a vehicle yourself is easier to do than you This is serious business: if you don't remove the springs properly, they can pop off and damage anything in their path, including yourself. Remove the wheel and extract the old shock/strut Causes of Car Noises and Vibration.