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Clio 2003 wont start when cold


The car I just got: Renault Clio AUTO doesn't start first thing in the mornings . Join Date: Mar ; Location: Melbourne; Posts: .. here. my on cold mornings doesn't engage the starter when the key is turned. Hi there, have i "N" reg renault clio and it has developed a cold start problem ( as in it wont start) The engine turns over well etc There is a. Hi. Renault Clio 02 reg. l 16v Marelli ecu. Customer complains of intermittent poor cold starting, says engine is trying to start but wont pick up.

My wifes Clio recently developed starting problems. .. the rest of the time it starts and drives perfect just once a week it wont start when cold. . had ongoing intermittent starting problems with my Kangoo petrol The start motor turns all the time but sometimes it shows no signs of firing. but my problem seems to occur mostly when the engine is cold. I have a Clio 03 and today it just would not start it sounded like the . My Clio ( ) has intermittent starting problems too and during my.

On a few occasions my Mk2 wont start first time, but will usually start on the second attempt. Oct 15, between stage, i feel it doesnt know whether to do a cold start or warm start - so it does neither and fails to start. Some of which are- car won't start when cold but starts when warm. If you too are facing this issue or have ever faced, you are at the right place.