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Gjetost how to make


We have an abundance of goat's milk for the first time since getting goats 16 years ago. While we've been milking goats for all those years, it was rare for us to . How to Make Gjetost Cheese with Leftover Whey. In situations like this, use the extra whey to make traditional Norwegian gjetost cheese (pronounced “yay-toast”). Easy recipe for homemade gjetost cheese traditional to Norway that can be made with leftover liquid whey from other. When made with goat's whey, the cheese is called gjetost. (If you prefer, you can make it with only whey, although your cheese will be slightly.

This post should really be called “How NOT to Make Gjetost.” It took us four times to get it right. FOUR. This is such a simple recipe to make, yet. A delicious homemade Norwegian cheese, made from the whey left over from making traditional cheese. On its own, the rich, sweet flavor of gjetost is a little overwhelming. The process of making the cheese involves cooking the natural sugars in.

It exists in multiple varieties and is relatively easy to make. Wow - I had no idea that there was no sugar added to Gjetost - I love this kind of cheese but my wife. Gjetost (pronounced get-toast) is made from Goat's milk and If you're making a cheese that is ripening in the whey over several hours.