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How are montag and beatty similar


Beatty and Montag are similar and different in various ways. First, they share the same vocation, at least at the beginning, and have worked in the book-burning. Montag and Captain Beatty share several similarities in the novel Fahrenheit . Both characters are part of the fireman structure, which censors literature by. However, Montag and Beatty are also very much alike in many ways, and Beatty sees himself as an older version of Montag, wiser and less optimistic but also.

While Montag wants to change the system Beatty is mired in it. Beatty is a tortured soul who is agonized by paradox. He despises the things he. Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury book is absolutely amazing. It describes a time in the future where censorship prevails and minds are caged. It's not until Beatty gives Montag that big speech in Part One that we understand what's going on in this guy's head. He used to be curious about books, just like.

Beatty and Montag have some similar views of society, but their overall ideas are not the same. Final Thoughts Overall, Montag and Beatty. In this quotation Faber is encouraging Montag to take the risk of rising Beatty and Faber are similar in the sense that; they are both well read. His quotes from different books and the amount of knowledge Beatty engages on Montag make it seem as if Beatty is in favour of this conflict between himself and Montag. I also have the same view of Gatsby as you. The f. It is important to note that Beatty's entire speech to Montag describing the history of the firemen is strangely ambivalent, containing tones of irony, sarcasm.