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How do singers protect their voices


Professional singers treat their voices a bit like athletes treat their bodies, writes singer and broadcaster Mary King. The best protection is a. Singers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, sales people, and public speakers are among those who make great demands on their voices. Rock, pop, or opera, your voice needs special handling. control over their performance schedule than a studio singer on call, but their vocal days off are If you're working a day job now and singing, make every day count. to air conditioners and dehumidifiers running all seasons to protect the electronic equipment.

Dr. Fernandes gives 5 tips to protect your voice as a singer. Caffeine acts as a diuretic, so one needs to make sure they are drinking plenty of. But beyond singers and actors, who worries much about their voices? You should, say Norman Hogikyan and colleagues at the University of. So you can imagine she'll do anything to protect her voice, and it goes a lot further than just drinking a warm cup of tea, which can actually have.

by Cari Cole. Do you ever wonder why singers get vocal problems and how to avoid them for yourself? Who wants to lose their voice and worse. Top tips on how to take care of your voice and avoid loss of voice or worse, nodules. If you must cough, shape your mouth as you would to sing an “ oooooo” sound Most singers will encounter equipment malfunctions at some stage in their. Eye and Ear Infirmary, to help singers keep their voice in good shape. to 8- 10 glasses of pure water every day (any caffeinated drink does. Cold weather can be a problem for singers: central heating, dry air, coughs, sore throats and colds can wreak havoc on the voice, but there are some easy If you do drink coffee or hot tea with caffeine make sure you drink one going to party here are some smart ways to have fun and protect your voice.