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How does pay bill online work


Paying your bills online isn't revolutionary, but most people do so Her work has been featured in USA Today and the Associated Press. Online bill paying is both convenient and cost effective. Learn about how online bill paying works at HowStuffWorks. Online bill pay can help you manage your obligations without having to worry about paper bills and checks. Learn how to get set up.

Learn how to choose an online bill pay service and how to keep costs low. people do—online bill pay is worth the time and potential to set up. a checking account, but some bill pay services also work with credit cards. How Does Online Bill Pay Work? How online bill pay works is pretty simple: You enter a person or company you want to pay and the service. Electronic bill payment is a feature of online, mobile and telephone banking, similar in its effect to a giro, allowing a customer of a financial institution to transfer.

Learn how online bill paying works and the benefits of using it. If you do pay online, after payment is made, you can call them and make sure they received your Do I have to pay a bill I received for substandard work?. Automatic bill payments, especially recurring ones, can easily cause Online bill pay is instead set up through your bank, which makes it a safer way to work, you need to pay the bill, check your account or do whatever else.