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How to change default font in illustrator


The default font in Adobe Illustrator CC is Myriad Pro. You can change the default font in Illustrator by editing. I have upgraded my Illustrator to CS5 and my default font has changed to a strange font. In Photoshop and InDesign, I was told that all you have. Photoshop and Illustrator are powerful, but not exactly intuitive. That goes double for their text tools. If you're tired of seeing the wrong default.

How to Change the Default Font in Adobe Illustrator. If you're using Adobe Illustrator CS5 and would like to change its default font, then this simple tutorial is for. Fortunately, you can change Illustrator's default font. Before changing the default font in Illustrator CS, you need to create a custom startup file by editing the. Have you every wanted to change the default Illustrator font from Myriad to something else? In this blog ill show you a couple of really easy.

Why do we have to go through the complicated hassle of making custom document profiles to change the default font to something other than. At first I wondered why, then I came to the realization, it might be because Myriad is the default font in Illustrator. After that, I changed my default. To change the default font for Illustrator CS4. Choose File > Open and go to Documents and Settings/User/Application Data/Adobe/Adobe.