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How to cut armhole for kameez


In this video, I have shown how to cut back armhole, front armhole and Kameez / Kurta Cutting easy method step by step (DIY) - YouTube Dress Sewing. Kameez Cutting Tips | Teera | Armhole (Medium and High Size). Kameez . perfect trouser cutting - YouTube Patiyala Dress, Salwar Pants, Hint, Sewing Tips . Perfect Armhole cutting of Any Size with Sleeves very useful tips - YouTube .. In this video I will teach you Kurti,Kameez and Suit Armhole(Mudda) Cutting in.

In this Article:Taking Your Armhole MeasurementEstimating Armhole . How can I measure my suit armhole and cut the appropriate suit sleeve that fits me?. Deciding where the armhole hits under the arm is partially personal preference. Remember that an armhole cut high up under the arm is.