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How to cut carbon fiber fabric


I'm ready to start laminating balsa and carbon fiber cloth. I know that it is tough on cutters. How do you cut the cloth. A new pair scissors. It is easy to pull individual strands of carbon fiber while cutting. Here is an easy fix that will help keep your carbon fiber strait and without annoying pulls in the cloth. I'm sure someone has come up with a way to cut carbon fiber cloth with out fraying! I am going to do a DLG Hollow core wing layup like.

What we used was a pair of scissors. Even though carbon fiber has a very high tensile strength it has only moderate shear strength so it is fairly easy to cut. Carbon fiber sheets can be cut with standard tools, ranging from scissors and Molded parts can be made, but the carbon fiber fabric must be placed in the. Brief article outlining the process of cutting Carbon fiber, Dupont KEVLAR and apply with either a small brush or by wiping the resin on with a lint-free cloth.

Carbon fiber can be difficult to work with. In this article we show you 4 methods to cut carbon fiber using hand tools and getting good parts. I suppose not many folks would have carbon fiber “just laying around” : slight_smile: Pulled this chunk of material out of the trash can LOL.