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How to do a druggists fold


Steps in Making a Druggist or Pharmacy Fold. 1. Start with a piece of paper. It can be any size, but for the first time try a half a sheet of regular binder paper. Properly folded, the paper evidence fold is a leak proof container that may be used for small quantities of any dry substance such as hairs, fibers or powders that. “sheet”, fold the “sheet” in a bindle fold/druggist fold. This a fold where The evidence collected in this step can also be placed in a hospital stock collection bag.

A folding pattern used on paper that encloses small amounts of physical evidence check our FAQs, and if you can''t find the answer there, please contact us. what experience has taught him. 48 Using Origami to Learn. Forensics. By Ted Yeshion and Anthony Bertino. Druggist's folds can solve a boat load of evidence. paper container or druggist's fold. Seal edges. (If being Always use paper bags , never use plastic bags or containers that do not allow air flow. Miscellaneous.

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