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How to expand hole in wood


Every DIYer can attest: the right solution to enlarge a hole is a great tip to keep around for whenever you need it. Enlarge by friction Your idea of wrapping the bit in sandpaper isn't even Put a piece of sacrificial wood on top of the hole, get a hammer, and. Is there a way I can neatly and evenly remove a bit of wood from the periphery of the hole? I tried using sandpaper, but that didn't expand the.

I need to enlarge a hole in the edge of a wooden table. The table is 36" x 21" x " - too wide to fit on my table top drill press. The hole, which is. It is impossible to drill the hole without the center bit, and you can't use the Next , screw that hole into the wood that you want to enlarge from. Can you drill a small hole about 1/4 in from the original hole and then use a file to expand it to remove the wood between the hole and the.

This may be of use, . Many of us already have the tools and skills to enlarge holes - a router.