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How to freeze columns in openoffice calc


Chapter 7: Getting Started with Calc Then when scrolling around within the sheet, any frozen columns and rows remain in view. Figure using open office spreadsheet I would like to hold the position of column A row 16 to 32 and allow me to scroll columns B to AG to the left. Filed Under: Easy, Calc Tagged With: calc, freeze pane, freeze rows, lock first column, lock heading, lock rows,

OpenOffice Calc has an option with which you can freeze selected columns and rows so that they always remain visible, even if you have. If you have long rows or columns of data that extend beyond the viewable area of the sheet, you can freeze some rows or columns, which. Example3: You want to freeze the first column AND the topmost 5 rows: For Calc (V) I can tell you: "If you have selected a single cell.

Freezing rows and Columns in OpenOffice Calc/LibreOffice Calc. For large spreadsheets that do not fit completely in the window, it is useful to be able to freeze. When scrolling long spreadsheets in Apache OpenOffice Calc, the column or row headers Freezing columns and/or rows prevents these cells from scrolling. Freeze panes. Click the Sales tab. In the Sales worksheet, click cell A4. On the Menu Bar, click Window, then Freeze. >.